Chen Yu has been the beginning of the heart did not forget,To become China's leading international investment consulting firm benchmark,Have your support,We will go all out,do the best! We are convinced that Chen Yu-based services[people]Oriented。As private wealth clients butler,We sincerely initiative for the customer to take up the full protection of important financial mission,Up to protect the、Conduct financial transactions、Retired four goals and heritage。
Zeng Xiankui
Chen Yu Investment CEO


Gee Tung's,Not as far to Shanhai。Chen-yu,Certainly courageously rushed。We learned in Chen Yu is not only a financial literacy,More valuable is how to make a man trustworthy。Chen Yu each step of growth are deserving of our careful aftertaste,Because of them full of Chen-yu sweat and tireless efforts,More embodies all the joy of success。Our futureWe have greater confidence,Follow the pace of the times,And common progress of the industry,Become the industry a "leader Wise upgrade"。
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Chen Yu Investment COO


No industry can do today,Tomorrow is another day results。Precipitation one hundred hours、One thousand hours or even ten thousand hours,To do the ten minutes to solve customer's。Based on,The popularity you some simple financial concepts,Some customers may be raised to let the public,It can become high net worth individuals take。So that more people know how to use the money;People are not slaves of money,But the owner。We take this early heart and faith effort forward,We expect more people to join our fellow。
Huang County
Chen Yu-CIO Investment


Just two years,Chen Yu from toddler baby,Step by step to become today a vibrant youth。Has been,Chen Yu-people with vision for the future,With their own hard work and efforts,To achieve our value as IFA - An independent and objective position to provide customers with professional programs。Looking to the future,We will uphold the "Germany-based、people oriented、Rigorous and pragmatic、The pursuit of excellence "in the spirit to go on。
Liang column


In the increasing market transparency,And the fast dissemination of information era,More and more industries becoming "service sector"。IFA,Independent Financial Planner,Also will be in the foreseeable future,Gradually transformed into a professional consulting "services" occupation。therefore,Constantly improve their own deep understanding of financial markets,In the objective and rigorous truth-seeking attitude,It offers personalized asset allocation,And adhering to the sincere sense of service,It is every person's Chen Yu and pursue goals。
Zeng Jian Wen


With the trend of economic globalization continues to develop,And the gradual opening of the domestic capital market,Chen YuAdhere to the customer-oriented concept through in the end,Efforts to create one of the most professional in the field of global asset allocation team。weAlways stand independent and objective position to provide customers with the most professional financial planning program,To achieve to property preservation and appreciation purposes,To help customers plan and manage personal financial assets。
He Siyi


Established Itaru now,Chen Yu customers around the country continue to provide a full range of consulting services overseas Configuration,Neutral attitude for customers to choose the right product,Team professionalism combined with a sincere attitude have been recognized by our clients。future,As a partner of Chen Yu, Foshan Branch,He will lead the company and team,Continue to provide customers with personal、Family and business tax、legal、All aspects of risk management consulting services,In order to achieve rational allocation and more stable international heritage。
Zhang Qianqi


In recent years,With the enhancement of people's income,Acceleration of wealth accumulation,Scale high net worth population in the Midwest further rapid growth,They are also increasingly increased demand for wealth management。I think in the United States through its own, Singapore and Hong Kong experience in wealth management and the unique combination of economic and cultural characteristics of the Midwest,为更多有需求的人士提供全方位的理财规划服务
Chen Kehao


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