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Family Trust

Chen Yu combination of full-service investment,In particular, we provide services to enjoy private custom high-end customers,Mainly to provide "exclusive" and "sharing" your full range of wealth management business,On personal finance,Improve individual needs。

Experience and integrity,Select the appropriate standard is two people's trust。With professional,Chen Yu in many global investment trusts carefully selected,Chen Yu also play in other areas of special,To provide you with the most attentive service trust fund。


Chen Yu domestic and foreign investment and more than 20 listed insurance group has partnered,States ranked as the insurance giant or have centuries-old traditional insurance group in the world's top 500,Nearly a thousand kinds of insurance products cooperation,It can be all-round solution to your needs。

Fund distribution

Chen Yu investment through offshore fund investment services,We can provide all major international equity fund management company for you、Bond and currency diversification and investment funds。Moreover,We have also appointed fund sales support service providers、Custodian bank and cash management,Make sure that you enjoy world-class service and support。

Portfolio Management Services

Chen Yu investment portfolio management services provided considerate to your needs,The use of effective methods of investment and fund selection system,Make sure that your investment can strategically dispersed to various investment categories、Regions and industries。

Investment Immigration

Chen Yu investment now has a senior team of consultants in the industry,As well as domestic great strength of the copy processing center and a sound service system,Ensure that you log in from abroad before immigrating to the,We have gained intimate、Peace of mind and peace of mind throughout the "butler" service。

Overseas Real Estate

As a leading international real estate consultants,We uphold the business philosophy of personalized service,Efficient integration of overseas resources,From the national culture and values,To provide the most localization、The most characteristic custom services。

Corporate Services

Chen Yu investment using Hong Kong's geographical advantage,International perspective and experienced professionals,It is in、port、Overseas enterprises to provide targeted advisory services。Designed to help businesses thrive in full of opportunities and challenges in the business environment。

For intends to expand operations in Hong Kong or overseas you,We will be under different circumstances,Help you analyze your financial risk all walks of life,And provide all aspects of the solution。

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