Hong Kong shares hit Introduction

Hong Kong stocks,It refers to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed shares。Shares hit,It refers to the use of funds involved in the purchase of new shares,If the ballot if,To buy the upcoming stocks。Hong Kong must apply for subscription of new shares good HKEx securities account before the issue date。Initial Public Offering(Initial Public Offerings,AbbreviationIPO) Refers to a business or company (Ltd.) for the first time it will sell shares to the public (initial public offering,It refers to the way the issue of shares in the IPO to the public)。

The subscription of new shares into the Hong Kong stockInternational Offering and private placement。The main venue for the retail public offering,Similar to the A shares hit a new international online Placing the main supply of high net worth and institutional clients to subscribe,A similar under the net purchase of new shares,Thus the share placement is generally between 50-90%,It can accommodate larger financial participation。

Hong Kong shares hit is a technology live,Hong Kong stocks fell the daily limit is no mechanism,There is also the possibility of a break,So how to choose the new shares,How should I do after beating New,Investors biggest pain points。


Hong Kong IPO Features


• higher success rate,1 even if the subscription has a greater hand in the ballot may;

• No 20% limit increase its trading debut today,But there may be below the issue price;

• No playing the new threshold (no open interest / funding deadlines),Also can participate in big money ;

• You can apply for margin Subscription,The use of leveraged for higher returns。


registration process


Playing the new course


• Find "transaction" in the lower right corner of the phone APP above;

• Enter the password to log into the trading account;

• After entering the personal position interface,Find "more" in the upper right corner,Click on "subscription of new shares.";

• After entering the new share subscription interface,Click the "IPO",Choose to play new shares,Completion of the new operating fight。



Q1:Whether Hong Kong will certainly play a new ballot?

Hong Kong stocks in the success rate is generally higher than the A shares,Most cases can be allocated a minimum of 1 hand;But there will be popular IPO may not be drawn in,Increase the subscription amount will help improve the success rate。

Q2:Hong Kong is not a new fight will make money?

Due to the different market mechanisms,Hong Kong shares rise may be down,10% and no limit。Customers can refer to the "Founder and easy to play new selection" and History,Also recommended consult a professional before playing the new。Comprehensive information on listed companies,Investors can read the Company's prospectus。

Q3:How charges?

Apply online subscription rates include commission、SFC transaction levy、Exchange costs a total of 1.0077%,Success in the ballot will be charged。 Financing application will be charged an additional subscription fee of HK $ 100,Plus a charge to the listing period,3% annualized financing costs,Please contact sales wholesale funding。

Q4:What is the best time to sell?

Long-term investors,IPO shares can hold up to unlock value。Short-term investors,Before you can lock in a profit or sell listed on the listing day by day dark disk。

Q5:Can large sums of money involved?

More than one million of funds can apply for international placement,Before the subscription can consult if there is the opening of the International Placing channels。The proportion of international placement assignment is likely to obtain greater,But there are also some popular IPO may not have been allocated,A large part of the funds hold shares could reach tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars。



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