Global Fund on

Global Fund,As the name suggests,Investment targets can be obtained in different countries around the world、Regional and industry,Reducing the limitations of a single region。


Global Fund Features

• Avoid investment limitations of a single market,Dispersed individual market risk;

• There are sustainable and stable returns;

• enjoy sustained growth in the global economy;

• not affect the regional government's policy。



Q1:The Global Fund will not have a time limit?

will not,Usually there will not be a single fund with the so-called blackout periods-year plan,Are generally T + 5,Considerable investment flexibility。

Q2:The Global Fund has chosen what?

Our company is working with the fund company the world's most prestigious,Discussed investment strategies,Select some of the most investment value、Investment fund industry prospects,For example, the World Technology Fund、Japan and so on SME Fund。


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