Fund Investment Plan Introduction

Fund will voteIt is regularly referred to as fixed investment fund,It refers to a fixed time at a fixed amount of investment put into the open fund。By the Fund will vote to investment banking,You can avoid the eggs in one basket of risk,And fluctuations in the market,You can earn a considerable income,To avoid the risk of a single fund。


Fund investment characteristics




Solid growth in long-term funds,And fund investment plan will have a dollar asset allocation,Dispersible

Investment market flexibility Part of the role of Life Exchange rate risk of a single asset




Fund investment program also has a good sum accounts for life,Once the implementation plan is scheduled to vote,Available to life,

Gift amount,Available more money be rollover And after the blackout period can continue to contribute or withdraw cash。


The plan is scheduled to vote the Fund's role

• both want to beat inflation,Want to earn a good income,It can be achieved through wealth accumulation fund investment plan;

• hope rollover,In the future retirement life,You can get a significant amount of pension;

• want to give their own children leave a huge and expenses、Education payments and even business start gold。



Q1:Fund investment plan will not be very high threshold for what?

Fund will vote threshold is not high program,And it's a plan tailored to customers consultant。Have any questions,It should be timely with your investment advisor communication,To help customize a more robust long-term fund investment plan。

Q2:What do fund investment is the subject of investment?

Do fund investment investment target very broad,Selective very much,For example, you can take advantage of differences in regional and sectoral differences do different fund portfolio,Such as the Global Technology Fund and the Global Asset Allocation Fund (Industry difference)、China growth fund with US Opportunities Fund (regional differences), etc.。While effective risk aversion,But also more certainty to the market development。

Q3:A fund investment program cycle is how much?

Usually do fund investment plan is recommended over 5-10 years,The reason is that,the first,The layout plan is clear,Long-term capital gains。second,By DCA long-term approach to achieve solid growth in assets。

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