What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a life insurance,Short life,life insurance:To the insured person's life is the subject matter insured,And with the insured person's life or death for the payment of life insurance conditions。(source:Baidu Encyclopedia)




人寿保障 长期现金价值

提供指定年期或至100岁的保障 部分计划派发红利或保证现金价值




定额保费 指定受益人

大部分终生寿险计划收取定额保费 分配身故保障赔偿予一位或多位受益人


定期寿险终身寿险、Universal Life Insurance




定期寿险 终身寿险 Universal Life Insurance

For the masses For the masses For the masses
希望以有限预算购买定期纯 寻求终生保障并以保证回报 拥有一笔现金并寻求储蓄选
人寿保障的人 作为资产传承的人 或资产传承安排的人

Provide short、Interim protection to 75 years old,Equipment 提供终身人寿保障至100岁 终身人寿保障至120岁
There are different safeguards year,For example, 10-year 指定供款期例如5年 可选择一笔整付保费
Available as an annual contribution period to renew or press 至65岁 可按保障范围灵活调整保费
Premium low 保费较定期寿险高 第一天现金价值再加往后滚存
Flexibility to adjust premiums,可于每次 于申请投保时订立定额保费 可作保费融资
款期届满时更改 滚存现金价值
No cash value


What is universal life insurance?

Fortune heritage

High net worth customers can accumulate a sum of new money through Universal Life Insurance,The average distribution of total assets,Avoid family conflicts and fighting over the estate。

Make liquidity more abundant

Universal life insurance to make liquidity more abundant,Retirement will not affect the rich,But also to his family heritage reserved。

Elastic extract policy value

Elastically extract policy value,To face unexpected financial needs。








Q1:How to determine the amount of life insurance needed to protect themselves?

In calculating the amount of life insurance,First consider how many loved ones are living on their own,How many people depending on your feel helpless sudden death,And to face the economic difficulties of life。
You also have to calculate their tangible and intangible liabilities。Tangible liabilities include mortgages、Loans and other debt,Intangible liabilities include dependent parents to pass away、Dependent children to participate in social work,Partner and living expenses。Each person's family situation is different,As long as the sum of the tangible and intangible liabilities,Minus current assets,Life insurance is the amount you need。

Q2:After the purchase of life insurance,Whether it once and for all?

When you purchase a life insurance,There are two things to note:
the first,After receiving the policy,Remember the proper insurance policy in a safe place,The most important thing is to inform the beneficiaries of the policy storage location,Do not conceal because taboo。Other,Do not think the policy will be perfectly safe in a bank safety deposit box,Beneficiaries should make ready to pick up policy,To ensure that the beneficiaries after the death of the insured,Claims can be processed as quickly as possible。
Moreover,Since your assets and future household expenses may change,For example, when a child is born,Household expenses will increase,Life insurance coverage you need will increase。therefore,Insurance may wish to regularly review their purchase of,To ensure that families always have comprehensive protection。


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