What is the high-end medical insurance?

Sickness Insurance、medical insurance、Disability income insurance and nursing care insurance are the four categories of commercial health insurance,The most common are health insurance,Also known as medical expenses insurance。among them,Designed for high-end crowd,Ultra-high sum insured、Break through the national health insurance limit、Direct Billing for medical treatment、Covering a wide range of medical expenses insurance is what we called "high-end health insurance."。(source:Baidu Encyclopedia)




Hospitalization Benefit Hospital Income

Hospital expenses (Or uncapped) a fixed cash compensation for each day of hospitalization (no matter how much medical expenses)




Outpatient guarantee additional safeguards

Cover outpatient treatment or consultation services with dental and obstetrics and gynecology protection option to cover related expenses


Comprehensive health insurance plan、Share compensation limit Medicare plan



Comprehensive health insurance plan to share compensation limit Medicare plan

For the masses for the masses
With high asset value,And are willing to payHigher charges We hope beyond public health care services,Choose private health
The use of more high-quality health care services people Human services

The total annual high protection,A HK $ million to Cover hospitalization expenses due to illness or accident
Ten million yuan Hospitalization Benefit
Private、Semi-private rooms Surgery protection
Comprehensive protection,includeConsultation services before and after hospitalization、 Part of the plan include[Discharge-free number to find]service
HouseholdAnd care ofTreatment, etc. Private ward



Q1:What factors should be considered when applying for health insurance?

① ② actual security needs program terms and coverage ③ ④ contributions ability to declare important information,For example ⑤ existing disease waiting period aware of new health insurance plans,The new policy is in force until after 1-3 months old policy termination

Q2:Health insurance plans do have a waiting period?

Most policies have a 30 days waiting period,Most policy waiting period longer,But there are also some policy no waiting period。You can check the details of your financial advisor。


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