What is Hong Kong professionals migration program?

Hong Kong professionals resettlement plan,It intended to attract mainland talents and professionals have recognized qualifications to work in Hong Kong,To meet the needs of the people of Hong Kong,Enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness in the international market。

Applicants must have professional knowledge and skills not readily available in Hong Kong or lack of。Applicants must contribute to the local operation of the firms and sectors concerned,To promote the economic development of Hong Kong。The plan quota-free,Also limited industry。





Hong Kong's rule of law in Hong Kong's economy

Vested with independent legislation、judicial、Administrative and freeTo the Free market capitalist economic system

Central taxation and payment of the advantages of free trade port, etc.





Hong Kong's health and education systems

High medical standards、Advanced medical equipment、Insurance finished excellent teachers、Top Education、Multilingual education、

Equipment、Cheap tuition affordable medical expenses


Hong Kong professionals conditions

The applicant satisfies the following conditions:

  • We must have a good education background,University degree or above
  • Professional development needs in line with Hong Kong's economy
  • There are more than 2 years work experience
  • No criminal records
  • Age 65 years of age who
  • Providing at least 18 months of personal tax and social security records


For the masses

1.Birth of a child or baby want to give birth in Hong Kong in Hong Kong

2.They want their children to accept international education,I do not want too far from home

3.We want to keep account of the Mainland,It has two identities,enjoyHigh social welfare benefits

4.The company's total work in the country / Branch,In Hong Kong thereSub / headquarters

5.Hong Kong is already the company's shareholders or directors,Hong Kong needsworkFor visa,Hong Kong business to take care of the Mainland

6.Entrepreneurship has been in Hong Kong,Hong Kong has actual operations,needHong Kong work visa,Convenient for the company's management and operations

7.Who want quick access to overseas identity,Hong Kong professionals fastest 9 ~ 12Months approved



Project Benefits

Application time is short Advantage account Family benefit

The fastest 9 to 12 months may be granted to arrivals from the Mainland reserved accounts,Not affect the cause of the MainlandAnd life Spouses and children under 18 may be granted with

No language barrier Global smooth No fertility limitation

Chinese and English are the official languages ​​of Hong Kong SAR passports will receive the whole family,Free sign 150 countries and territories Birth of a child that is permanent citizen of Hong Kong


Handling process


Q1: To get the work permit,You can benefit entitlements?

To get the work permit,It can be as local residents,Access to education in Hong Kong、Medical、Tax and other benefits。

Q2: Professionals to work in Hong Kong and bring their spouse to live in Hong Kong,Can a spouse working in Hong Kong?

Spouse in 2006 or after May 15 in his capacity as dependents issued entry permits,It will not be barred from employment in Hong Kong。

Q3: Professionals working in Hong Kong Is there a prescribed minimum number of days of stay in Hong Kong within a year?

It needs to be a period of time each year in Hong Kong,For example, every 15 to 30 days,2 to 3 year minimum second-class。Facilitate future exchange of passports when needed explanation purposes。


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