European immigrants advantage



One investment,His family emigrated Investment Properties,Stable income




Permanent property,Quality education for future generations,The world's leading



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Project Benefits

Low investment,Low cost of living,Low real estate prices

Three generations of one family investment immigration,Free Education、High-quality health care benefits

Greece holds the identity freely and out of 26 Schengen

Without any language、live、Management experience、Business requirements

After seven years can join the international,Become EU citizens


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Project Benefits

Four generations of settlers,Enjoy the EU education、Medical and other benefits

Non-tax countries worldwide,No inheritance tax,No gift tax,No real estate tax

Freedom to work in any EU country、Live and learn

No language、Academic requirements

EU citizenship,Visa Waiver 165 countries around the world


Application conditions

① contribute 650,000 euros to the Malta National Development Fund

② purchase of residential real estate-type lease 350,000 euros or 16,000 euros / year (5 years)

③ stocks or bonds invested 150,000 euros (5 years)

④ due diligence,Medical examination

⑤ Malta holds a residence permit for 12 months


Handling process




Project Benefits

Quick approval,Zero rejection rate

Three generations of family immigration,Permanent resident for five years,Six years naturalization

No sources of funding requirements,No immigration prison,No background checks

Non-tax countries worldwide

You can work in business,Rental income



Application conditions

Principal Applicant dependents

• 18 years of age • Principal Applicant legal spouse

• • Non-EU nationals18Children under the age of

• The purchase of real estate holders •18Years of age or more unmarried、reading、Not financially independent children

• purchase private health insurance • The principal applicant and spouse both parents

• No criminal records


Handling process




Project Benefits

Free Public Education,Good language environment

No language requirements,Business academic background do not need,No residency requirements

Application period is short,Be in business,Can work,Children renewed worries

Free investment,Convenient rental,Large room for appreciation

Free Schengen travel 26


Application conditions

Principal Applicant dependents

• 18 years old • legitimate spouse of the principal applicant、18Children under the age、

• no criminal record over 18 years old unmarried、Not financially independent children

• medical insurance • the principal applicant financially independent parents

• source of income • Proof of no criminal record

• buy health insurance

Handling process


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