Canadian Immigration advantage




Quality of Life competition for jobs social inclusion

Canada is the world's cultural diversity with favorable conditions to adults dilute the traditional Canada is a big country immigrants,

"Most livable place" to pursue cultural diversity policy




The quality of social welfare education

A sound social security system, a good education system,Low fees


Recommended items

PEQ Experience Class (Quebec Experience Class)

Project Introduction

PEQ,Called the Quebec Experience Program,That Quebec Experience Class。Due to the aging of the surge in Quebec, Canada,Facing a serious lack of talent,To help more students in Quebec more likely to get a permanent resident card,The Government of Quebec on February 14, 2010 passed a new bill,That "Quebec Experience Class",Referred to as PEQ。

PEQ Experience Class Education Training Program,International students meet certain standards,To Canada 12-24 months of vocational and technical training,After graduating from vocational learning diplomas issued by the Quebec Ministry of Education (English abbreviation DVS,French abbreviation DEP),By the Department of Education to provide recruitment information,To help students after graduation can quickly integrate into local life and work。After students,Apply for Quebec immigration experience (PEQ)。

Project Benefits

• Take one step Permanent Resident Card:You do not need a business plan,No need to start a business,No business risk,No language、age requirement,No strings attached;

• Safe and reliable risk-free investment:Approval before it will need to invest by,And the Government of Canada has invested regulation;

• Flexible investment:You can choose to invest 1.2 million Canadian dollars,5Years after the government interest-free return of principal,Or choose from financing 300,000 Canadian dollars designated financial institution loans to immigration,Reduce the pressure on the cash flow of the applicant;

• Project mature and stable,More than 30 years of history。



PEQTraining conditions apply

Students in China

• Age:16-40 years of age,With more than a high school diploma or equivalent person;

• For high school students,We can provide a four-semester grades,That can be the second semester sophomore

PEQ handle project;

• Language:We can not provide IELTS、TOEFL;

• Registration deadline:No deadline,First served,Many popular professional advance report


• financial guarantees:40More than ten thousand yuan。

Students in Canada

• Age:16Years of age or more,Have a high school diploma or more。

• After reading language,Prepare students for admission to university;

• you are reading freshman and sophomore,Students want immigrants as soon as possible;

• college more difficult,Students or school suspension。

Handling process


BC Provincial Employer Sponsored Migration(British Columbia Employer Sponsored Migration)

Project Introduction

BC's employer sponsored migration project is funded by the BC government and the federal Department of Immigration agreement to operate immigration programs,BC, is designed to help employers hire and retain qualified have the required skills of foreign skilled workers。The project is first screened by an enterprise qualified applicants,And agreed to support through the Provincial Nominee Program applicants to apply for permanent residence,Then a joint application to the PNP by the employer and the applicant,If you can get the approval of the Provincial Nominee prove,After federal immigration application again,Priority will be given the opportunity of hearing。

Project Benefits

• occupation requiring a simple:As long as the applicant can find employment units recognized in Canada will be able to apply for skilled migrants,BC's immigration and employment applicant will oversee the company,To ensure the authenticity of the work;

• Fast Approval:Now the approval of BC employer-sponsored migration program is the BC government body,As long as the applicant has hired a security company.,Their skills but also standards,Approval procedures can be very fast;

• Low cost、No need to interview:BC, Canada on a cost much lower than required for investment immigration,Because of technical personnel mainly for,Local government and employers will help immigrant applicant,And if there are outstanding employer-sponsored、Outstanding skills of the applicant,BC Provincial Immigration provide free interview;

• BC Provincial better living conditions、developed economy:BC is a province rich town,Most Chinese people apply for this project is to settle in Vancouver,Pleasant climate and abundant natural beauty make Vancouver the livable city,Friendly locals treat people,Equality of all beings is the soul of the city。

Application conditions

• tertiary and higher education,Academic qualifications can do an additional 4 points;

• meet the minimum requirements Language (NOC language class B needs to reach more than CLB4,O and Class A language proficiency is not required);

• Occupational belong to Canada NOC O、A、Class B,There are at least 2 years relevant work experience;

• the employer to meet the requirements of BC nominations。

• If the employer's industry need to have appropriate professional certificate,We need to provide;

• Applicants need to have enough to settle a year cost of living in Canada。

Requirements for Employers

• Businesses must be registered within the scope of BC,More than one year of operation and operational excellence;

• If the business is located within the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area,You must have at least five full-time employees;

• If companies located outside the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area,You must have at least three full-time employees。

Handling process

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