What is the EB-1C (US employment-based immigration)?

EB-1C called the Employment-Based Immigration: First Preference (Category C),The first priority is the US employment-based immigration category C,That senior immigration,Is a working relationship based immigration applications,It is for executives and professional managers immigration category。

As a first priority, "outstanding talent" immigration,You do not need to apply for a work permit,Any of the region to be,You can apply for a green card,Is the most convenient to obtain US permanent residency status of channels,Once approved,Principal Applicant、Spouses and children under 21 years of age to get a green card to the United States,To become a permanent resident of the United States。




High-quality education system Job security

Immigration cheaper than studying in unemployment insurance
Free on workers' compensation in public schools
Apply for professional unlimited State Disability Insurance
The schools admission rate of public assistance





Strong currency Medical developed

The world's preferred hard currency to pay employer health insurance
US-China trade has developed rapidly for special health services for children and pregnant women
2015Years, the US dollar rate over 15% subsidy medicine、Home care program


Application Requirements

Requirements for Chinese affiliates

  • China has been in operation more than three years of business records;
  • Officially registered place of business in China,We can provide a complete industrial and commercial registration materials;
  • There are offices in China,And there is a real estate license or lease office space to prove the existence of;
  • A certain amount of employees in China,There are at least 15 or more full-time employees;
  • In China there are tax records;
  • Over the past three years in which year the company an annual turnover of more than $ 1 million。

The requirements of multinational talent manager

  • In the first three years have at least one year in domestic companies Rengu Dong / chairman / general manager or any executive positions in domestic companies;
  • Have Personnel Management;
  • We have decision-making power of daily operations;
  • No rigid academic requirements,There are better educated;
  • Age 28-60 years old.

USCIS does not require multinational talent manager applicants must hold shares of China or the United States affiliates。China and US
How multinational companies to establish relationships,Applicants multinational talent manager and we need to communicate,We will give the appropriate law
Legal advice。


Project Benefits

complete in one step,Permanent green card Eligibility simple No work permit requirements

Temporary green card without going through steps such as canceling condition unfunded、education level、Language Proficiency Requirements No need to apply for a work permit,Eliminating the time and legal fees

Time and immigration process can be controlled low risk,The application fails refund of Funds No backlog,Without waiting

Real-time understanding of the operation and the identity of the enterprise application process does not belong to the venture capital,Risk is almost zero The number of applicants far less than the quota


Handling process

EB-1C type (M)

EB-1C type (service splitter)

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