Thailand Thailand


Country name Kingdom of Thailand (The Kingdom of Thailand) Time zone GMT + 7

capital Bangkok Language Thai

currency Baht (THB) Population 69,100,000

Total GDP 437,800,000,000 GDP per capita 5,952

position Located in central Indochina,And its western and northern Burma、Bordering the Andaman Sea,Northeast side is Laos,Southeast Cambodia,South of the narrow peninsula connected to Malaysia


investment advantage





Property affordable permanent land ownership

Thai real estate is relatively cheap,No pool area,Since foreigners can own freehold property in Thailand,

When property taxes with no effort hardcover Province,Low cost transfer and hold





Pleasant environment,Abundant resources "along the way" to bring new opportunities

Living in a beautiful environment and pleasant weather,Education and health care "along the way" to speed up infrastructure construction step

Excellent condition and inexpensive for cutting pension,And usher in more overseas investment


Recommended items

Bangkok · knightsbridge Prime Sathorn

New home · Apartment · 1Room 24 ~ 30m² ,Duplex room 37 ~ 44m² 1· Submitted 2019 · Freehold


Project Location:Bangkok Sathorn Sathorn Financial District

price:180,000Since baht / m² (about 38,000 yuan from / m²)


Phuket · Mid-platinum Gold Coast Marina Vacation Rentals

New home · Apartment · Four kinds of optional units · Submitted 2020 · Freehold,90Years leasehold

Developers:Thailand ADM Group

Project Location:Kamala Bay–Central leisure area

price:120,000Since baht / m² (about 25,000 yuan from / m²)


Bangkok · Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit(Whizdom101二期)

New home · Apartment · Four kinds of optional units · Submitted early 2019 · Freehold


Project Location:Sukhumvit Road, Bangchak, Prakanong, Bangkok

price:130,000Since baht / m² (about 28,000 yuan from / m²)



Q1:Foreigners can legally own property in Thailand it?

It is perfectly legal,But it must be in accordance with the Thai people:Foreigner,51:49The upper limit of the ratio。

for example,Unit apartment building in the same area a total of 100,Foreigners can buy up to 49,The other must be reserved for Thais。As for land and villas,Because of these two as both a single independent unit,Unable to cut count 51:49proportion,So foreigners are not alone directly held,But the company held in the name。

Q2:Thailand property buying process What?

1. Understanding of the project (by site visit or information, etc. to understand the project and decided to buy)

2. Book signed confirmation (payment of the deposit lock unit,And signed confirmation)

3. After the down payment remittance (back to the sign purchase confirmation,Investors pay a down payment according to the guidelines)

4. After signing the contract of sale (down payment by the developer,Both sides signed sales contracts)

5. Pay the balance due transfer handover (pending completion of the project,Pay the balance due on time transfer handover)

Q3:Buy a house in Thailand, no one to help take care of the language barrier or poor management of real estate?

1. Long-term lease of property entrusted hosting。Bangkok vast majority of developers do not provide charter services,But has a special property rental hosting business,So you can entrust property management。 Long-term lease hosting costs: ·Year lease expires,Charge a month rent for one year of administrative costs ·Period of less than one year,The total contractual rent of 10% -15%。 (Specific to the actual condition,This information is for reference)

2. Bed and Breakfasts Short Term。Do it yourself or hire a professional short-rent company entrusted to the platform in a variety of short term。

3. Party agency or local agency。Agent use of resources within the industry,It can help find tenants and help manage。 Also by the local agency to find tenants。By month's rent as a year to receive management fees。

(Specific to the actual condition,This information is for reference)

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