Shenzhen Qianhai Chen Yu Investment Advisory Co., Ltd.

We have experienced the full range of international financial experts,To provide professional asset management services。Chen Yu Shenzhen-based investment,Determined to become China's top international investment consulting firm,And is committed to promoting the development of international private asset management services in China。

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Core Value

Global Vision

We use professional experience for customers to save valuable time,Brought together in an efficient service and more wealth with products from around the world。

Neutral and objective

We adhere to the customer's position,To provide the most objective Asset Solutions,To bring customers the most accurate service。

In-depth customization

Through our mutual trust,In-depth customized a variety of programs,Develop a comprehensive individual、Family and business potential,Continued to scale new heights。

Value of priority

Continued to advocate the value of consulting and solutions behind the accumulation and investment products,In addition to the wealth of value-added offer customers value-added wealth。

Entreprise's news

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